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Preferences and trends in Adult Entertainment

Preferences and trends in Adult Entertainment

We are collecting data concerning Preferences and trends in Adult Entertainment

Understanding your needs is the key to give you better information. Please help us understanding what you think and how you move. Consequently we will also inform our publishers. Eventually you can also see what others think.

Donate 2 minutes of your time to answer the questions below.

Our questions

For example, we want to understand if you want to stay under the radar, or wish to show your presence.

Or if want to stay close to home or rather travel to another city.

Are you going with friends or alone?

How should look like the person you want with you?

How we treat collected data

This survey process is very transparent.

Anybody can give us his/her opinion and all results will be visible.

If you have a specific request, you can always use the form in the Contact page.

ePuff collects data anonymously. This does not allow identification of individuals.

Individual vs. established organisation

Do you prefer to contact a single individual (i.e. a person working alone) or do you prefer to go to an established organisation (i.e. a club, sauna or studio) ?

Close to home vs. remote location

Do you prefer to search for adult entertainment close to where you live or you rather go to another city or region ?

Repeat vs. experiment

Are you somebody who - when you find what you like - keeps going with the same person or to the same place? Or you prefer to experiment always something new ?

Staying under the radar vs. showing your presence

Are you somebody who wants to be unnoticed? Or you wish that other people rememeber you and recognize you the next time?

Going alone vs. Going with friends

Are you somebody who, when looking for Adult Entertainment, wants to stay alone or you prefer to go with one or more friends ?


What is your preferred age range?

 18-2526-3031-3536-40> 40
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What is your preferred size range? (in cm)

 < 150150-159160-169170-179180-189> 190
Select size range

Body type

What is your preferred body type?

Select body type

Most important physical feature

What is the most important physical feature?


What is your preference concerning language?

Country of origin

What is your preference concerning country of origin?


What is your preference concerning race?

Most important cultural feature

What is the most important cultural feature?

What are the main reasons for your dissatisfaction?

You might have been in contact, with one or more, of the person(s) who publish listings in ePuff website. While you are welcome to express your level of satisfaction by using the reviews system (specific to each listing), we are interested to know what has been your main concern so far, during your encounters. Please select one of the options below and, if none applies, propose a new one. We will then collect all ideas and propose further surveys.

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