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Advertising Solutions

Advertising solutions for Adult Entertainment

Use the latest and most innovative advertising solutions for Adult Entertainment

in other words, present yourself (or your organization) at best and find new customers.

Choose ePuff as your Marketing and Technology partner

Firstly you will receive a personal page. Secondly a set of tools will help you publishing on Social Media.

In conclusion you communicate with the best paying customers. And ePuff keeps your privacy and cyber-security protected.

Your advantages

All the available offers give you access to the following advantages:

  • Have 1 individual web page for each listing. So you can have your own URL and QR-code for marketing.
  • Appear on top of search and category pages.
  • During subscription, phone calls can be routed through ePuff for your security and privacy
  • Instant setup
  • Within the subscription period you can post and remove as many listings you wish. To clarify: this is allowed up to the number of listings you subscribed.

In addition you can ask to appear in the featured listings

Featured listings appear at the very top of search and category pages. Only a small number of featured listings are available, is therefore very important to subscribe soon, while free spots are still available.

Subscription offers


Package for 7 days advertising
€19 Only € 2.7 per day
  • 1 listing
  • 10 images
  • 7 days duration
  • Standard price without discount € 99


Package for 3 months advertising
€199 Only € 0.73 per listing per day
  • 3 listings
  • 20 images per listing
  • 3 months duration
  • Standard price without discount € 699


Package for 6 months advertising
€4999 € 2.31 per listing per day
  • 2 featured listings
  • 10 (standard) listings
  • 20 images per listing
  • 6 months duration
How it works

1. Register

Your advertising solutions for Adult Entertainment require registration. Registration is free and only takes a few clicks.

Moreover you can use your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter accounts to for immediate access.

2. Buy subscription plan

Decide how many listings you want to post and for how much time.

The lowest amount of listings is 1 and the shortest advertising period is 1 week. After that choose the subscription options which is best for you.

When you want to modify your ads – no problem! – you have many options available.

3. Post New Listing

Choose your category and fill all your data.

Subsequently fill all data in your ads. To clarify: it makes easier to find you. And you target the best possible clients.

Most importantly pay attention to locate yourself on the map. And upload professional photos.

Advertising rules & technical details

ePuff website is multilanguage.

Set the language to English and create your listing in English, to show your listing is visible in all languages

Certainly you can contact us to have different text/description for each language.

If you create your listing in any language other than English, then the listing will be visible only in that particular language. Please contact us to modify this setup.

At the end of each subscription period (i.e. every week or month etc.), you will be charged for the same amount that you initially paid.

If you want to stop advertising or your payment method (for example your Paypal or Credit Card) is no longer valid, no problem! Your profile will be hidden, but not deleted, for 1 year. You can always come back, renew your subscription and restart advertising. For example, you can reactivate your listing(s) at any time.

ePuff will not be sending you any payment reminders in paper to your address.

You have plenty of upgrade options. For example when you want to advertise for a longer period or with more listings.

However wait until the current package (after you have subscribed one), has expired before upgrading. This allows to reduce your costs.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Contact us anytime you want a consultation. So we can define together the best possible advertising plan.

After subscription, our sales agents will be able to help you setting up your listings.